Project Shine

Shine Wherever You Are

Project SHINE is an intentional effort by Morning Star to live our mission, “Growing in Jesus, Sharing His Love.” We know from God’s Word that that every Christian is created to live a life of service, wherever God has placed them (1 Peter 4:10). We also know that it is the church’s role to “equip his people for works of service” (Ephesians 4:12). Therefore, the theme of Project SHINE is “Shine Wherever You Are.”

Project SHINE has intentional steps to help Christians shine wherever they are. It begins with getting to know you – your talents, skills, life situation and interests. Perhaps you are a new member, at a crossroads in life, or you have never thought about where your true talents lie. In that case, we can help you discover those unique talents and abilities. Then, during a matching and coaching process, we ask the question, “How can Morning Star best help you live a life of Christian service, using the roles and gifts God has given you?”

Your life of service may include key service roles at Morning Star. It also may mean you are shining in your home, your career or your community. Project SHINE is not just about the church: It’s about equipping members for service wherever they are.


Project Shine

Discovery Workshop

Get Your SHINE On!
Start with a Discovery Workshop

What is a Discovery Workshop?
The Discovery Workshop is a guided process to help Christians discover how they are uniquely equipped by God to be servants and disciples in all aspects of their lives. The workshop helps you understand and appreciate your individual qualities and how these correspond to service opportunities in your life.

How Does the Workshop Work?
You’ll start with an online (or workbook if needed) series of assessments. Your results are tallied and you receive a report that highlights aspects of your personality, your likes, dislikes and areas of giftedness. The workshops include Bible-based facilitation and interactive discussion about your results in light of God’s Word. The workshops are typically two sessions, each lasting two hours.

What are the Benefits of a Discovery Workshop?

  • Understand how God has made you unique.
  • Explore your distinctive spiritual gifts, personality, likes, dislikes and strengths.
  • Receive a personal profile that will explain why you are challenged by some roles and excel in others.

Create your own intentional path for service – at home, in the church, and in your community.

Workshops this Fall:

Weeknights from 6:30-8:30pm (two 2-hour sessions)

  • Tuesdays, October 15th & 22nd

More workshops will be scheduled in the future.

How Do I Sign Up?

You can sign up for a Discovery Workshop at this link:,  or email Tom Banaszak at tom.banaszak@morningstarwels.orgPlease sign up at least one week before the first session to allow time for receiving instructions and taking the assessments.  NOTE: To generate group interaction, workshops will be held with a minimum of 3 participants and a maximum of 10.

Discovery Workshops: Worth It!

“I had been praying for an opportunity to serve that suits my personal gifts.  After participating in the SHINE Discovery Workshop, Tom Banaszak used my profile and the network of congregational needs to pair me up with an elderly homebound person in need of weekly visits.  This was a perfect match for me and an answer to prayer.”  – Judy Rhoads

“I took the workshop to explore other avenues where I can serve. I am also praying that others in our church family who are not sure where they fit in can use these Discovery Workshops and see how they too can use their gifts and abilities, and experience the joy that comes from service.”      – Becky Wierschem

“I learned how my strengths, skills and abilities have an impact on others, and how my interactions with others are affected by our different personalities.”   – Missy Schmidt

“I discovered why I am not a good fit for a chairman role, and why I enjoy video board and events coordinating far more.”   – Mark Rose

“The Workshop validated some of my thoughts about my personality, led me to some insights about myself, and pointed me to possible service opportunities. The assessments helped me to see how God has uniquely created me and shaped me through my experiences to fulfill the specific works He has prepared for me to do.”                         – Sarah Reik