We are excited to introduce Feeding His Flock, Morning Star’s year-round food and clothing collection! We will be collecting food for the Full Shelf Food Pantry in West Bend all year long as well as clothing for Northside Lutheran Ministries during targeted months throughout the year. The need in our community is there for these items all year, so why not provide to our community all year?

How can you help? It’s easy! Simply bring any non-perishable food items to Morning Star and place them into the designated collection bins in the gathering space. We’ll take care of the rest! The best part of serving Him through serving your community is that you can donate items as often as you’d like—once a week, once a month, once a day—whatever suits you! Every donation helps and every donation makes a difference.

Watch the announcements for our upcoming themed months, desperately needed items and clothing drives.

Please note, they do not accept homemade or expired goods.

Happy Summer! Thank you all for the tremendous amount of clothing donations to Northside Lutheran Ministries! Summer’s a perfect time to think of BBQs, family vacations and lazy summer days! Unfortunately we still have people within our communities that need assistance with food and other household items during the summer months. Full Shelf Food Pantry generally receives less donations during the summer months for various reasons such as schools being closed or the lack of “big” holiday food drives. The GREAT news is that Feeding His Flock continues ALL YEAR & ALL SUMMER long! This allows our Morning Star Families to continue with our amazing outpouring of support to our community. The Feeding His Flock Team is sponsoring the months of June AND July with the theme of “Summer Hunger Pains.” Please drop of any donations in the designated bins in the gathering space. Some summer ideas are cereals, tuna, canned fruit & veggies, baby supplies, dressings, cleaning supplies…the list goes on! Let’s rally together and love our neighbors by healing those Summer Hunger Pains!

Contact Dawn Krause at dawnkrause1@gmail.com with any questions.

Thank you for supporting Feeding His Flock!