Sunday Morning Bible Hour 9:20-10:15 AM



Child care ages 3 and under: preK-age 4 classroom (school 1st floor, 3rd room on the left)

PreK-age 4, K-5 and 1st grade: kindergarten classroom (school 1st floor, 2nd room on the left)

Grades 2-4: 4th grade classroom (school 2nd floor, 2nd room on the left)

Grades 5-8: 7th-8th grade classroom (school 2nd floor, 3rd room on the right)

Adults and Teens: meet in the church for A Christian Responds to the Transgender Movement by Professor Paul Wendland



September 12th, 19th, 26th, and October 3rd

A Christian Responds to the Transgender Movement: What to Think…How to Love

A thirteen-year-old girl comes to you and confides, “I feel trapped in the wrong body. Things just aren’t right. I know I’m a girl but I feel I should be a man.” What are we to think? How are we to respond? How do we maintain love and compassion for the suffering and confused, tempted by doubt and illusion? How do we maintain a strong confession against those who accuse us of being ‘haters’? In this four-week presentation by Professor Paul Wendland from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, we hope to begin to explore some of these questions and to put ourselves on the best biblical path towards answering them.


October 10 – June 26

The Story

Each session will feature an introductory video from Pastor Randy Frazee shown in the church at 9:20am. After the video, participants will split into smaller groups for the Bible study held in the church, fireside chapel and church office. God goes to great lengths to rescue lost and hurting people. That is what The Story is all about – God’s great love affair with humanity. The Story is a whole new way of experiencing God’s Word, the Bible. The Story reads like a novel, drawing people in like a good book. It’s almost entirely Scripture. People reading The Story learn how their story intersects with God’s story.

A large group order will be placed to purchase copies of the book. We want the order to arrive by the end of September so that everyone can pick up a copy before the weekly Bible studies begin on October 10. The congregation will cover the cost of The Story purchase, which is currently sold at a large discount.

To help us determine how many copies to purchase, please sign up by September 15. Sign up at this link or at the display in the gathering space. NOTE: for those who have a copy of The Story, the book we’re ordering is the same book we used in 2013.