School Tuition & Fees

The School Ministry Board each year reviews our  educational ministry here at Morning Star and how best to use the gifts God has given us to carry out that ministry. As a congregation we are blessed with growth. An committee will be bringing plans to expand our ministry with an Early Childhood Center and a school expansion. We will be implementing 1:1 computing in grades 5-8. It is exciting to see what the Lord is doing here among us.

As God allows, we pray for future growth and expansion of our school. Our Vision plan is being updated and will be shared for all to help carry out our mission here at Morning Star.

Morning Star Lutheran will participate in the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program for the 2017-2018 school year. If you feel your family will qualify for School Choice, please follow the instructions provided for applying online at the Wisconsin Department of Instruction. Students entering Pre-K4, Kindergarten, and 1st grade are eligible. Students coming to Morning Star that were previously enrolled at a public school or another choice school are eligible to apply for any grade level

As ministry opportunities arise, and as we grow, so does the level of support needed to provide for our ministry here at Morning Star. As a congregation, we support 75% ($5,100) of the total cost to educate a student. The family pays the remaining 25% ($1700) through tuition. Please note our Tuition Assistance program is available for families who are in need. Applications included in the registration packet.

Pre-K Tuition*

Pre-K 4—$1,400

Pre-K 3—$840

(*Tuition for Pre-K does not follow the discount for K-8th Grade.)

Morning Star Members—K-8th Grade Other WELS/ELS (K-8) Non-Members (K-8)

1st Child – $1,700 1st Child  – $3,400 1st Child – $6,800

2nd Child – $1,600 2nd Child – $3,200 2nd Child – $6,500

3rd Child – $1,500 3rd Child – $3,000 3rd Child  – $6,200

4th Child – $425 4th Child – $ $850 4th Child – $5,900

The School Ministry Board and Congregation is committed to providing an excellent education both spiritually and academically. Praise God for his goodness. Pray for your ministry here at Morning Star as we Grow in Jesus and Share His Love.