About Us

Casual Atmosphere, Serious Faith
Are you looking for a place where there’s serious Bible teaching but in an atmosphere that’s casual? Morning Star is a growing church community where “serious” and “casual” walk hand in hand. If a church is the last place you’d normally be, give us a try at Morning Star!

What’s With Our Name?
It’s actually pretty simple. Our name “Morning Star” is another name for Jesus. It’s all about Jesus. It’s about the victory that Jesus, the “Lamb of God,” came to win for us. It’s about the most positive and powerful message of all time. Many people have questions about Jesus. Most people don’t know much about him. They might only know what they have heard from others. But some want to find out more. They wonder if what Christians say about him is true. Can he really bring me peace? Can he really bring me closer to God? Can his story really change mine? We believe the answer is yes. Come discover the victory of Jesus—with us!

A Church Designed to Meet You Where You Are
We’re just a group of people who “come as we are.” You can too. You don’t have to be perfect. We aren’t either. That’s why we invite you to discover the victory that God gives us through Jesus. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, we’d love to have you come be our guest.

Morning Star Ev. Lutheran Church

We are an outgrowth of the gospel ministry of David’s Star Ev. Lutheran Church, a Wisconsin Synod congregation located five miles southeast of the Village of Jackson.

We are part of a group of churches called the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod or WELS. The WELS is a world-wide church with congregations serving in all fifty of the United States, as well as Canada.

Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS)

The WELS believes that the Bible is God’s inspired and errorless Word. It believes that being saved from sin is of vital importance and that we are saved by God’s grace alone through faith alone which is created in us by Scripture alone.

Morning Star Evangelical Lutheran Congregation exists to glorify our triune God as we train, strengthen and nurture each other through his inerrant Word so that we are enabled by his love to bring the light of the Gospel to all people.

For further information, go to: http://www.wels.net