Bible Studies at Morning Star

Sunday Morning Bible Hour 9:2010:15 AM



Child care ages 3 and under: preschool classroom (school 1st floor, 3rd room on the left)

PreK-age 4, K-5 and 1st grade:  kindergarten classroom (school 1st floor, 2nd room on the left)

Grades 2-4: 3-4th grade classroom (school 2nd floor, 2nd room on the left)

Grades 5-8: 5th-6th grade classroom (school 2nd floor, 2nd room on the right)



Timely Topics, Timeless Truths

LOCATION: church

DATES: 8 sessions: Sundays from 9:15-10:15am, January 14 to March 4

DESCRIPTION: Timely Topics, Timeless Truths brings confusing or controversial questions into a Bible study setting. The studies will equip learners with biblical truths for engaging in challenging issues with their family, friends, and coworkers.

January 14 Visiting Heaven: Are these visits for real?

January 21 Haunted Houses: Debunking the myths and deciphering the mysteries

January 28 Overweight or Overfit?: The narrow Lutheran middle

February 4 They Posted WHAT?!: Addressing inappropriate use of social media by Christians

February 11 I’m Spiritual, Not Religious: Responding correctly to critics and pundits

February 18 Tattoos–Still Taboo?: Should a Christian get a tattoo?

February 25 They’ve Done WHAT?!: Reacting properly when the sin of living together strikes close to home

March 4 A Christian’s Use of Psychoactive Medication: A crutch, a blessing, or a danger?


Proverbs: God’s Gift of Wisdom

LOCATION: fireside chapel

DATES: 10 sessions: Sundays from 9:15-10:15am, January 21 to March 25

DESCRIPTION: The wisdom of the Lord underlies and supports the universe and the lives of Christians. God’s wisdom is more precious than any worldly wealth or knowledge, and God wants to give his wisdom to all through his Word.

January 21 Introduction to Proverbs

January 28 The Call of Wisdom

February 4 Wisdom Teaches “Fear and Trust the Lord”

February 11 Wisdom Exalts Righteousness and Wisdom

February 18 Wisdom Exalts Justice

February 25 Wisdom’s Teaching Methods

March 4 Wisdom Teaches about Family Life

March 11 Wisdom Teaches How to Relate to Others

March 18 Wisdom Teaches about Speech

March 25 Wisdom Exalts Generosity and Diligent Work